14 Apr

Motivation in Fitness

Have you ever experienced the situation where you get bored by going to the gym day by day and at the end you quit? Well it is nothing strange and it happens to big percentage of people. It is by immense importance to stay motivated and find good routine for yourself.  Our team is brining you top 5 tips how to stay motivated and improve your day to day exercise routine.

  • Set your goals and training schedule

Setting your goals is the most important step you have to make before going to exercise. The ability to train without adjusting to your daily mood is crucial to get to the goals you have already planned before.

To accomplish the goals, you set up you have to work constantly and without skipping the exercise days and routine. Your bad mood after work or personal problems cannot be a reason to stop working out.

By setting up your goals you will also be able to follow your results and become aware of your accomplishment after by measuring them and comparing with your goals you have taken before.

Also by planning your training schedule you will be able to think before the training and prepare yourself mentally for what is coming which will keep you more concentrated rise up your motivation level.

  • Adjust your training

Every person is different and with different needs and habits. Always try to adjust training to yourself and make it to work for yourself. Don’t try to adjust to others or your training partner. During the time it can make you feeling bad or less comfortable and motivated. Try to find the perfect surroundings for yourself where you feel happy and where you can train with joy. If you do not have enough time to go to gym and if you feel lots of pressure by lack of time organize your training at home. It can save you time and energy and give your more motivation and strength.

  • Give yourself enough needed rest

Sometimes the best way to improve and motivate yourself for future goals is to rest and give yourself a free time. Our body can feel over-trained after some time and additional rest can be more beneficial than actual exercise and can also give our mind the needed time to refresh and motivate us for future goals. By giving yourself more days off than usual will not decrease your training results and it will only help you long term.

  • Work in groups

If you find it too difficult to train alone there is always some of your friends or people you are close with to train together. There is so many possibilities to join group workouts and be part of larger group that can motivate you to work harder and feel with more energy. Also working with other people makes the exercise routine more competitive and people are by nature competitive creatures.

  • Eat healthy and smart

Eating healthy is probably the most important thing to achieve your goals and to get the result you wanted and planned.  Overeating can completely destroy your training ability and motivation and decrease level of energy to minimum. You should always plan your eating habits carefully and adjust it to your daily schedule. It is important to eat before the training but also be fully aware of what you eat before the training and how it will affect your exercise routine. Try to eat light food before like oats, bananas, protein shakes and fresh fruits. Timing is everything so try to eat 30 minutes before your training and always find high carbohydrate meals and snacks.

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