01 May

What to eat before workout?

Preparing yourself for your next training and setting up your goals can be crucial for your success, however nutrition before your training is in most cases even more important.

Good nutrition can provide you enough energy and raise the level of your motivation for upcoming workouts. Fueling your body will help you to perform better and achieve your goals faster.

Always keep in mind that each body composition is the same and you have to adjust your nutrition plan to your personal needs. It is of great value to be aware of the food that fits you well and it will make you fueled and with high energy for long period of time.

Even though there is many studies and articles saying that you should avoid certain food in your pre-workout diet all types of nutrient should be included in your diet. Carbs, Fat and Proteins should all be part of your pre-workout diet and should be combined in best possible way to fulfill your personal needs and body type.
For short and high intensity training you should include more carbs to help your increase your glycogen reserves. Nutrient full of proteins will improve your overall performance and nutrient which includes fat will help you in long duration exercises.

There is a say that timing is everything. Pre-work out diet is perfect example of it.
You should always plan your meals depending of the period before the workout. If you eat 2 or 3 hours before your training your meal should contain higher level of nutrients (e.g. rice, lean protein, salad, different types of fruits). On the other hand, if you eat within 2 hours your meals your diet should include smoothies, cereals, milk bananas and protein based food. If your meal is scheduled less than an hour before your workout you should eat fruits, different type of yogurt or protein bars.

The crucial thing is to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Fluids will tremendously increase your body balance and composition. Fluids like water, coffee or BCAAs will help you improve your performance.

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