20 Dec

What is fasting and is it healthy for our body?

Whenever we start the conversation about the healthy lifestyle and good nutrition it is mostly connected to our food and eating habits. But besides just the type of the food we are taking there is other ways how to improve our lifestyle and our daily habits.
01 May

What to eat before workout?

Preparing yourself for your next training and setting up your goals can be crucial for your success, however nutrition before your training is in most cases even more important.
17 Apr

The quality of your education

It is known that distance education or online learning is the education of students who cannot be physically present at an education seminar, certification programs, etc.
14 Apr

Motivation in Fitness

Have you ever experienced the situation where you get bored by going to the gym day by day and at the end you quit? Well it is nothing strange and it happens to big percentage of people. It is by immense importance to stay motivated and find good routine...
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