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Austin Moy

Austin is the proud owner of Genesis Training LLC, a private training and manual therapy company located in New Jersey. He obtained his Bachelors in Athletic Training from Sacred Heart University and pursued a career as an entrepreneur in the fitness industry. Austin grew up playing several sports in high school and college, which led to many injuries. Repairing and strengthening his mind and body during these injuries led him towards his passion of empowering people to grow physically and mentally so they can achieve their full potential. Thus Genesis Training LLC was founded, to set the gold standard in fitness as Austin believes in a holistic approach to training which includes exercise programming, nutritional guidance, and habit development. Austin’s constant hunger for knowledge and growth has fueled his curiosity to dive deeper into the anatomy and physiology of the human body. He is the owner of a 3 legged cat named Achilles, loves to listen to music, read, hike, and play recreational sports in his free time.

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