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Jelena Skender

Jelena is an expert on authentic movement. She is a trainer with more than 15 years of experience in working with coaches and recreational athletes of different ages (children, teenagers, retired persons, pregnant women and mothers).
She obtained her master’s degree in kinesiology in 2009 and has not stopped professional specialization since then. She is the only person in Croatia who completed her education with bio mechanic Katy Bowman, and acquired the title of Certified personal trainer – Restorative Exercise Specialist. In his work, he encounters various challenges of a sedentary lifestyle, which he wants to change in a practical and easily applicable way by motivating others to move.
Since 2012, she has started being in entrepreneurial waters and opened the first boutique movement studio called “studio Vježbaonica”. She is the creator of the first comprehensive education called Active Natal Foundation for Exercise in Pregnancy and After Pregnancy, as well as the eponymous program for exercise in pregnancy.

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