19 Jun

Why DIFS Outshines Competing Schools?

In the competitive realm of fitness education, there is one institution that stands out for its exceptional service, innovative approach, and a rapidly growing student community.
10 Mar

What is the best fitness education in Europe?

Are you looking to take your fitness education to the next level? With so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the right provider that meets your specific needs and goals. However, there's one online fitness education provider that stands out among the best in Europe -...
20 Feb

Interview with our Alumni: Insights and Inspiration

Sure, psychical preparation is an essential component of football performance. It involves training the mind to enhance concentration, focus, confidence, and mental toughness. Physical training is not enough to ensure success in football. A player's ability to think and react quickly, stay calm under pressure, and make the right...
30 Dec

Eating clean – the perfect lifestyle

Eating clean is a popular term that refers to a dietary approach that emphasizes whole, unprocessed foods and limits or avoids processed and refined foods. The goal of eating clean is to nourish the body with healthy, nourishing foods and to support overall health and well-being.
26 Dec

Physical fitness education – importance and main benefits

Fitness education is an important aspect of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. It is the process of learning about and understanding the various ways to maintain and improve physical fitness and well-being. This includes understanding the principles of exercise, nutrition, and overall health and wellness. There are many different...
14 Jul

How to develop a personal training business?

You passed your online exam and have earned your personal trainer certification. Now comes the time when it’s necessary to decide where you will work and how you will start your personal training business. This blog will give eight tips
14 Apr

Motivation in Fitness

Have you ever experienced the situation where you get bored by going to the gym day by day and at the end you quit? Well it is nothing strange and it happens to big percentage of people. It is by immense importance to stay motivated and find good routine...
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